Staunton Rotary Club

Attendance Policy


The rules and regulations set forth hereafter are based on Articles 9 and 12 of the Club's Constitution and are not inconsistent with any provision thereof or any Club Bylaw.

Section 1. Attendance. Each member is expected to attend the Club's regular meetings, which are held on Tuesdays at noon. Any Club meeting held on another day or at another time shall be a special meeting. A member shall be counted as attending a regular meeting if the member is present for at least 60 percent of the meeting, or is present and is called away unexpectedly, or makes up for an absence as hereafter provided in Section 2, or is excused from an absence as provided in Section 3.

Section 2. Makeups. A member may make up for an absence in any of the following ways:

(a) Normal Makeups. If, within fourteen (14) days before or after the regular time for that meeting, the member

(1) attends a meeting of another club; or is present at the usual time and place of a regular meeting of another club for the purpose of attending such meeting, but that club is not meeting at that time or place; or

(2) participates through a club web site in an interactive activity for not less than 30 minutes; or

(3) attends a special meeting of the Club or a joint meeting of Area 4 Rotary clubs; or

(4) attends a Club Board meeting or a meeting of a Club service committee, which lasts for not less than 30 minutes; or

(5) attends a convention of RI, a Rotary district conference or other district meeting; or

(6) participates in a Club service project or a Club-sponsored community event or meeting authorized by the Board; or

(7) volunteers at a charitable organization (501(c)(3)) for at least two (2) hours of service.

(b) Banked Makeups. A member may accumulate makeup credits during a fiscal year that may be used to offset absences at a later date. A makeup credit may be used any time during the fiscal year in which the credit is earned. All banked makeups expire at the end of the fiscal year in which they were earned. Each member is responsible for keeping a record of banked makeups and for informing the Secretary as to when the member wishes to have the credit for such makeups applied.

Section 3. Board Excused Absences. A member's absence shall be excused if the absence complies with the conditions and under circumstances approved by the Board. The Board may excuse a member's absence for reasons which it considers to be good and sufficient.

Section 4. Minimum Attendance Requirements

(a) Attendance Percentages. A member shall be in violation of the Minimum Attendance Requirements if that member fails, in any half of the fiscal year, to:

(1) attend or make up at least 50 percent of the Club's regular meetings; and

(2) attend at least 30 percent of the Club's regular meetings.

(b) Consecutive Absences. Unless otherwise excused, any member who misses four consecutive regular meetings shall be in violation of the Minimum Attendance Requirements.

(c) Notice of Possible Termination. Any member who is violation of the Minimum Attendance Requirements shall be subject to termination of membership and shall be so informed by the Secretary. Thereafter, the Board may terminate the member's membership unless the Board consents to such non-attendance for good cause.

Section 5. Rule of 85. Upon request to the Board, a member may be excused from the Club's Minimum Attendance Requirements, providing that the aggregate of the member's years of age and years of membership in one or more clubs is 85 years or more. Members who are exempt under this provision shall be charged only for meals for the meetings they attend.

Section 6. Leave of Absence. The Board may, for good and sufficient cause, grant a member a leave of absence excusing the member from non-attendance for a specified length of time, not to exceed twelve months. The member shall continue to pay dues during the period but shall not be charged for missed meals. Absences so incurred are reported on attendance reports as excused and thus are not counted against the member or the Club.

Section 7. Reimbursement for Makeups. Unless exempt under Section 5, members who make up for absences pursuant to Sections 2(a)(1) and 2(a)(5) shall be reimbursed for their meals at rate of ten dollars ($10) per makeup.

Section 8. Monthly Attendance Reports. Only members' attendance at regular meetings shall be counted in computing the Club's monthly attendance. The attendance of members exempt under Section 5 shall not be included in the monthly reports.

Adopted 27 July 2010




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