Staunton Rotary Club

Strategic Plan Outline—2009-2012

Mission/Motto: Service above Self

 Organizational Values: The Four-Way Test

Of the things, we think, say or do

 Is it the truth?

  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

 Vision(statements of intent)

 The Staunton Rotary Club is known within the greater community for its public service in addressing key needs in the community through donations and good works.

  1. The Staunton Rotary Club has a membership that is reflective of the business/professional community in terms of vocation, age, ethnicity and gender. Retention levels are high.
  2. The Staunton Rotary Club has a programmatic balance between supporting community needs with donations and volunteer activity in addressing community needs, at times, working in partnerships with other organizations.
  3. The cost of membership does not serve as a deterrent to young business/professional persons becoming members of the Club.
  4. There is transparency between the Board andmembers relative to Club business


 1.          Invest in the greater community with an initial investment of $5000.00 in 2009-2010 with an increase of 10% annually for following two years.


1.1.           Development and implementation of a fundraising strategy designed to raise $5000.00 in 2009-2010 with an increase of an additional 10% raised each of the  following years to support community project(s) (so funds from dues can be used to offset the cost of being a member). The strategy may include the targeting of a community need whereby there would be a “signature” fundraising activity to raise funds for it.

1.2.           Explore obtaining grant funds from Foundations, governmental sources, private sector, others, to provide funding for community programs addressing community needs; form partnerships where appropriate. 

1.3.           Redesign the process by which community groups request funds to address community needs; review/modify the criteria by which funds would be distributed in the community

1.4.           Keep a visible “score card” documenting community investments, including funds and volunteer time members give in implementing Club projects; have “score card” present and visible on Club days

 2.          Improve retention of “new” members by 75% per year


1.1.             Recruit new members to reflect the various forms of diversity, i.e., gender, ethnic/race, vocation, viewpoints/perspectives in the community and work to retain them through the following means:

      • Use of a mentoring program
      • Orientation of new members

2.2.     Retain new and existing members using the following strategies:

      • Rework attendance strategies for “make-ups;” make members aware of make-up options when unable to attend a meeting
      • Personal contact is made when members miss a meeting

 3.          Enhance Rotary’s image and the results of its work to the greater community


3.1.    Development of a marketing strategy to include the following:

      • Relationship-building with all forms of media, e.g., print, audio, visual, etc.  
      • Information is “fed” to the media weekly.
      • “Thank-yous” are sent to print media following all major events, i.e., Children’s Christmas party, Veterans parade, etc. Paul Harris Fellows acknowledged publicly (outside the Club)
      • Promote Rotary signage (banners, stand-alone emblem, clothing, etc.) at all events sponsored/co-sponsored by Rotary

 4.       Improve communications between the Board and members and among members    


4.1.           “Score card” (see above)

4.2.           One Rotogram is placed on each table each meeting

4.3.           Club day – business of club shared, budget reviewed annually

4.4.           Summary of board action appears in Rotogram

4.5.           Acknowledge the work of members within club and the greater community



  • The actions listed above would become the work of the committees 2009-2010 and in following years.
  • Benchmarks (baseline data) would need to be collected for each of the above goals so success/progress could be documented and celebrated at the end of each year.  



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